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  • Revolutionize Selling By Understanding Buying!

    The most powerful path to selling success has always been to better understand the buyer and their decision process. So why do all other traditional selling methodologies focus on the sales process instead of the buying process?

    Adversarial expectations and conflicting priorities have often left sellers and buyers at odds. And yet, research proves that the customer is much more likely to award the business to the seller who understands the buyer and helps them through each step of their decision process.

    In order to revolutionize selling and provide customers with what they truly expect from their provider partners we must move away from traditional selling methodologies and behaviors by aligning ourselves with the customer to help them make the best decisions for them!

    Sales Methodology

    This sales training program teaches sales professionals to understand both the ‘Buyer Decision Science’ and the internal questions that customers commonly ask themselves to help them make what they believe is the best possible decision.

    Prepared with this knowledge, salespeople can now be more proactively prepared to:

    • Become more customer centric
    • Align themselves perfectly with customers in their decision process
    • Help more customers say ‘yes’ more often
    • Eliminate decision resistance by changing the customer buying experience
    • Create faster more productive partnerships with more decision influencers
    • Differentiate themselves, their company and their solution
    • Reach a higher level of sales optimization from account entry to account management. And beyond!

    Salespeople know that today’s buyers are more demanding, better informed, less trusting and more price sensitive than ever before. They also know that customers’ previous buying experiences have left them with negative impressions that have made them cautious and resistant. Cooperation SellingTM teaches salespeople that customer perceptions can be changed for the better. If you want to change the customer’s perception; then you must change the experience!

    Give your customers the buying experience they’ve always wanted and help them to respect and appreciate your salespeople and solutions. Change the customer experience and sell more with Cooperation SellingTM!

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    Rise above the selling traditions and attitudes our customers no longer tolerate!

    According to research:

    Customers want salespeople to:

    • Be personally accountable for desired results
    • Understand their unique needs
    • Be a customer advocate
    • Design or recommend the right solution for them
    • Be easily accessible if problems occur
    • Be creative when responding to changing needs

  • Account Entry Through Account Management and Beyond to Referral Introductions

    This powerful and contemporary sales training methodology teaches selling professionals at all levels to fully understand and align with the buyer decision process and creates maximum competitive differentiation in their selling approach.

    Program Modules

    • Selling With Customer Centric Values

      Traditional Selling vs Cooperation SellingTM
      Cooperation SellingTM Core Values

    • The Customer Decision Process

      Understanding the Buyer’s Mind
      The Customer’s Buying Process

    • Cooperation SellingTM Process

      Selling Goals and Commitments
      Cooperation SellingTM Influence Steps

    • Step One: Uncover Opportunity

      Uncovering Buyer Motivations
      Approaching the Prospect

    • Step Two: Refine Criteria

      Creating More Value With Questioning
      Developing The Best Solution

    • Step Three: Align Solution

      Creating Competitive Differentiation
      Successful Presentations and Partnering

    • Step Four: Implementation Agreement

      Building Complete Customer Satisfaction
      Growing Partnering Relationships

    • Navigating Decision Influence Groups

      Identifying & Leveraging Key Decision Influencers

    Program Benefits

    • Proven and Contemporary Sales Methodology
    • Scalable Sales Strategy and Techniques
    • Customer Centric Language and Model
    • Customer Oriented Sales Prospecting
    • Application Rich Implementation
    • More Effective and Faster Sales Coaching
    • Quicker Prospect Acceptance, Partnering and Decisions
    • Increased Customer Perceived Value
    • Greater Competitive Differentiation
    • Fewer Partnership Hindering Objections
    • Effective Objection Handling
    • Create Competitive Differentiation
    • More Frequent Trusted Advisor Relationships
    • Greater Customer Retention
    • Sales Optimization Best Practices

    Navigating Decision Influence Groups:

    • Dramatically Increase Group Decision Win Rate Percentages
    • More Decision Influence Group Support and Commitments
    • Increase Decision Group Support and Buy-in
    • Eliminate Opposition Influence
    • Successfully Coordinate Team Selling and Group Buying Engagements
    • Create a Larger Referral and Introduction base
    • Increase Customer Retention
    • Generate More Future Selling Opportunities
    Decision Influence Group
  • Program Genesis

    Cooperation SellingTM was created from the collection of best practices and research accumulated during sales process consulting, training and coaching with more than 70,000 successful selling professionals and leaders over the last two decades.

    This executive sales methodology and program was developed in order to help committed and motivated selling professionals to more effectively:

    • Understand how and why people make buying decisions
    • Create faster and more productive provider-customer relationships
    • Sell more in less decision time
    • Completely satisfy and retain good customers longer

    Selling professionals have asked for help aligning themselves more closely with customers so that they can sell more, sell faster and grow customer relationships. With this program, now they can!

    Education Experience

    This high impact, experiential 2 and 3 day sales training program is specifically designed to engage sales professionals and leaders to enhance retention and application for the greatest possible return on their investment. Each powerful module is complete with real world customer decision process and selling information, personalized exercises and proven application based strategies that can dramatically improve selling results. By using retentive learning and application connective exercises and skill practice, salespeople will retain, implement and achieve more with Cooperation SellingTM than any sales training they have ever experienced.

    Scalable content, applications and strategies make this program perfect for organizations wanting to transform their entire enterprise into a customer centric and powerful selling culture. With proven effective and practical selling language, process and strategies which can enhance any company selling channel, you will quickly understand the value of aligning your sales teams with each other… and your customers!

    • More than 50 experiential, application focused exercises!
    • Content and delivery tailored to your company and culture!
    • Facilitators with real world sales and sales management leadership experience!
    • Measureable results!

    Recommended Audience

    The flexibility of our sales model enables us to customize the program to different levels of sales complexity. This sales optimization program focuses on sales situations where customers go through a deliberate decision making process, and often there is more than one person involved in the decision. Recommended for all levels of selling professionals and sales leadership.

    Program Deliverables

    • 2 and 3 day, instructor led experiential workshop tailored to your company’s
      unique language, situations and challenges
    • Telephone Prospecting and Objection Handling Guide
    • Implementation Quick Start Guide
    • Coaching and consulting support
    • Web-ex Implementation and Reinforcement Meetings
    • Sales Talent Effectiveness Assessment Coaching Tool
    • Companion Sales Coaching Toolkit and instruction (attending sales managers in sponsored programs)

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