A contemporary management system for sourcing and hiring the highest quality candidates available.

Building a high performance organization starts with effective Recruiting and Selection at every level. This high energy workshop contains all the contemporary strategies and tools to differentiate your opportunity in a competitive environment. SELECT-QuEST allows managers to immediately implement a more consistent and polished Recruiting process to meet staffing requirements.


An introspective look at why we hire the way we do.

  • High Velocity Change
  • Why Managers Hang Onto Poor Producers
  • Management Energy: Is it Misdirected?
  • What Makes an MVP Employee


The key to the success of your team and company.

  • Developing Key Hiring Criteria
  • Creative Sourcing
  • Internet Recruiting
  • Positioning the Position: Building a Site Seller
  • Resumes: Red Flags and Green Lights

Preliminary Screening

Maximizing your time by focusing on the best.

  • Work History and What it Tells
  • Track Record Vs Experience
  • The “Telephone First Impression”

Interviewing Techniques

Asking the right questions in the right sequence.

  • Preparation and Planning
  • Rapport Building
  • Open and Closed Ended Questions
  • Seeking Opposing Information
  • Tag Team Interviewing

Job Exposure

The powerful benefits to both you and the candidate.

  • Setting It Up
  • Debriefing the Candidate
  • Debriefing the Employee

Reference Checks

Today more than ever!

  • The Facts About Honesty
  • References to Seek
  • Getting “Real” Information

Making the Decision

Using maximum resources for improved selection effectiveness.

  • Interviewer Consensus
  • Rejecting Candidates
  • Using Hiring Information for Effective Orientation