Sales Management Leadership ‘Masters’ Program

sales management leadership introduction

A contemporary management system for developing high performance sales organizations.

Sales driven organizations are becoming increasingly dependent on effective sales management at every level. By installing this seven-step sales management system, you can leverage this critical function in the organization.

This program contains practical and proven solutions that result in higher revenues, lower turnover and improved profitability. The goal of this course is to maximize your business performance by helping you build and sustain competitive advantage.

After evaluating a number of training firms, our decision to strategically partner with Learning Outsource Group to build and deliver our Sales Manager University Model has exceeded all expectations. Your team gets it!  You are truly making a difference and accelerating our sales transformation and organizational development initiatives.”

Andora Gandy
National Training Manager, Gannett US Publishing

Consider the specific components that make up this world-class Sales Management Leadership certification program.

  • Pre-work – Which consists of a case study and questionnaire provided to all attendees
  • The 3 day Sales Manager Leadership… instructor led… workshop
  • The 800#… coaching & mentoring… hotline with our Learning Outsource Group Senior consultants
  • A series of reinforcement videos loaded with real time exercise to support implementation success
  • An Executive Reinforcement Guide

Please contact us for a more detailed overview of these deliverables and a complimentary consultation to discuss your individual or corporate goals in greater detail.