PRO-QuEST – Consultative Selling Training

The Foundation for High Performance Selling

A Sales Skills Development Program

Is your sales team maximizing their opportunities and their potential?

PRO-QuEST consultative selling training

PRO-QuEST is a field-proven, time-tested and cost-effective training method designed to provide the fundamentals of professional, consultative selling skills and the foundation for the development of advanced selling skills.

The velocity of change today is staggering. Technological breakthroughs, new markets, strategic alliances, product convergence – today’s sales organizations live and operate in perpetual motion. This is especially true of sales organizations who compete in price driven, transaction oriented industries.

Today’s quest, for both emerging and established companies, is how to gain on-going organizational improvements. Competitive advantage is gained by developing salespeople to execute better and more consistently than the competition. PRO-QuEST Consultative Selling is designed to add value, drive revenue, improve margins and enhance client satisfaction.

Program Content

1. Continuous Improvement

Continuous self improvement begins by evaluating your current skills, knowledge and attitudes to identify areas of improvement. Increased sales performance starts by setting goals, driving the “right” types of activity and being highly effective.

  • Introduction & Expectations
  • Dealing with High Velocity Change
  • The Foundation for Sales Success: Skills, Knowledge and Attitudes

2. Building Trust

Knowing your buyer is the first step in building profitable relationships.

  • Selling Yourself First
  • Demonstrating Honesty, Trust & Credibility
  • Identifying Buying Types
  • Selling to Your Customer’s Highest Needs

3. Sales Strategies

Knowledge is power. The more you know the more effective you become.

  • Understanding Consultative Selling
  • Knowing Your Customer’s Buying Process
  • KAIZEN, Continuous Improvement
  • Targeting Influential “Players”

4. Consultative Selling

The foundation for on-going improvement is the understanding and application of a time-tested, field proven sales process. Utilizing a common sales language enhances coaching and accountability.

  • Tactical Call Planning
  • Making a Great First Impression
  • The Power of Effective Questioning
  • Listening, Acknowledging & Impacting
  • Overcoming & Reducing Objections
  • Gaining Agreement & Closing for Action
  • Following Up: The Key to Successful Relationships

5. Achieving Results

Well defined, emotional goals are the fuel and road map for achievement and growth.

  • The Power of Written, SMARTE Goals
  • The Razor’s Edge of Success
  • Action Mapping and Implementation Strategies
  • Resource Guide & Ongoing Support