Dynamic Sales Presentations

Some of the world’s best sales representatives cringe at the thought of making a presentation to a group. Dynamic Sales Presentations will help them get over the edge and into the client’s business!

Course Length: 1 or 2 Days

Session Topics

Audience Assessment

  • How to identify your audience’s style of receiving information.
  • Uncovering what they really want from your presentation.
  • Timing: When to best position your presentation.

Creating Your Message

  • How to use a free form technique to assemble their presentation in less time and with more impact.
  • How to clarify the information to a quickly understood core.

Packaging the Presentation

  • Choosing the best media for your presentation
  • Paper, PowerPoint or both?

Paper Based Proposals

  • Developing a “Reader Focused” document.
  • Establishing flow and structure; where should the “bottom line” go?
  • Color and graphics: When and how much?
  • “Simplifying” words.

PowerPoint Presentations

  • Building conceptual visuals that draw attention.
  • Color, graphics and your presentation room.
  • Adding animation.
  • Five things to never do in PowerPoint.

Understanding Group Dynamics

  • How to get “pre-approval” on your presentation.
  • Engaging techniques to involve your audience.
  • Problem participants: Who they are and how to deal with them.

Platform Skills

  • Using audiovisual equipment to your advantage.
  • Body language: Where to stand, what to do and why!
  • Don’t overlook the easel!
  • Your voice; make it work for you.


  • Participants will practice portions of their presentations and receive constructive feedback from participants and the instructor. A videotape may be made as an option.