Talent Audit for Leadership

Talent Analytics at Your Fingertips

Talent Audit for Leadership

Objective … Predictive … Real-Time …

Most organizations have identified Talent Management as a strategic priority. However, the methods they use to evaluate leaders are typically flawed. Making effective decisions about Talent Management is nearly impossible when relying on methods that are subjective, inconsistent, not tailored to specific job skills, or because the results are not meaningful enough to support objective and accurate decision making.

Your Organization’s Skill “DNA” At A Glance

The Talent Audit System provides access to skill comparisons and overall success potentials with the predictive accuracy similar to the way a DNA strand identifies genetic makeup of each leader.
In this manner, organizations are able to inventory a complete list of strengths and development needs for all leaders across every position, with every team, or across the whole organization. And, once you implement the initial Talent Audit System, Chally will work with you to update the data with information on new hires, promotions, new profiles, derailers and any other employee changes and needs of your organization.

In addition, the Talent Audit System allows you to assess new leaders and add them to the database to ensure the data remains current and can be regularly updated. The Talent Audit System results are used for a broad range of job functions and levels to guide decision making. Common applications include:

Executive or Leadership
Apply accurate, predictive, “job skill DNA” insights to the consideration of strategic initiatives that have top- and bottom-line impact, such as increasing market share, penetrating new markets, increasing productivity, launching new products, reorganizations and mergers. Strategically align your sales strengths to achieve organizational needs and objectives. Increase the ability to make more objective decisions, with the confidence of knowing those decisions are based on predictive criteria.

Human Resources
Access and evaluate all incumbents in any group, to understand what areas are most appropriate for training across the entire group or the entire organization. Create a corporate-wide profile of strengths and weaknesses to prioritize effective development initiatives, succession planning, and high-potential identification.

Sales Leader
Identify incumbent salespeople most adept at developing new business (“hunters”) versus those best suited to managing existing customer relationships (“farmers”), handling Strategic Accounts, developing into a sales subject matter expert, or any of other key sales roles that Chally’s World Class Sales Benchmarking Research has identified. Determine which salespeople have the predictive skill strengths required to succeed in a sales management role.

Why Talent Audit