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Lessons in Leadership: Creating Change

Sales managers in the middle of organizational or industry transitions are responsible for effectively guiding their teams during times of change. Since these types of changes are occurring more frequently in the current business environment, the pressure on sales managers has increased. This Lesson in Leadership examines obstacles to change and the corresponding fears that […]

Frontline Sales Managers: 10 Ways to Go From Good To Great

During one of our recent Sales Management seminars I had an interesting conversation with a veteran sales manager. His comments revealed a sentiment shared by many managers. He said, “I think that I’m a great sales manager. At least other people seem to think so. But things have changed so much since I started doing […]

The SELLING Sales Manager: Executing Proven Success

I received a phone call for help last week from a new selling sales manager. She told me how happy she was initially to get what she thought was a promotion from ‘strictly selling’ to the role of Selling Sales Manager. The conversation quickly turned to the concerns she had and the struggles she was […]

The Changing Role of Sales Management – What it Looks Like Today

Sales management is more complex today than ever before I received a call the other day from a sales manager who works for a large client that we’ve trained, supported and coached for over 10 years. He said that he was calling for help in gaining perspective. Then he said, “Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve […]

Lessons in Leadership: 3 Rules for Embracing Change

Change is a constant – embrace it Let’s review what we’ve discussed so far. First, we have 3 possible reactions to change. Second, we learned that change by itself is neither positive nor negative. And that you have the ability to be successful in the face of change. Once you know these principles, the next […]

Lessons in Leadership: The Surprising Truth About Change

We now know that change can come from many directions and that while there are three ways to respond to change, adapting is often the best reaction. But what if you don’t want to adapt? How can you change your mindset? Or help your sales team with their mindset? In this Lesson in Leadership, we […]

Lessons in Leadership: Understanding Change

3 ways to respond when facing change Sales managers in today’s business environment must cope with change from every direction. Upper management initiates change to expand business, customers instigate change as they try to improve their business, team turnover creates change, and outside regulations can force unwanted changes. Sales managers have their own changes to […]

Do You Know the 10 Biggest Mistakes Sales Managers Make?

Do you spend too much time putting out fires? Are you pulled in every direction? Do you expect improvement from your team but just aren’t getting it? You may be making one or more of the 10 Biggest Mistakes Sales Managers Make. And aren’t aware of it. It can be frustrating. It can hurt your […]

Lessons in Leadership: 3 Steps for Focusing Your Energy – Part 3 of 3

In our first two posts in this series, we discussed how energy levels can affect our ability to focus. We also reviewed the differences in our areas of Control, Influence, and No Control. Now we give you an easy to implement plan when facing these different situations. Here are 3 steps for focusing on your […]