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Lessons in Leadership: Creating Change

Sales managers in the middle of organizational or industry transitions are responsible for effectively guiding their teams during times of change. Since these types of changes are occurring more frequently in the current business environment, the pressure on sales managers has increased. This Lesson in Leadership examines obstacles to change and the corresponding fears that […]

Lessons in Leadership: 5 Steps to Personal Transition When Faced With Change

As we discussed in the previous post, Working With Change, one of the greatest challenges sales managers face is helping their team in the midst of change. Sales managers may instinctively know that how the team reacts to change can create more difficulties than the change itself. To avoid negative results and help the sales […]

Sales Employee Retention: A Formula For Success

5 Steps For Retaining Sales Talent Retaining enough high potential sales talent to meet sales goals and grow business is one of the biggest concerns for sales managers. In many industries, expecting 20-40% annual sales attrition rates has become the status quo. And yet, some sales managers beat the odds and continue to retain long-term […]

Sales Coaching: The Need For A Consistent Coaching Approach

Last week when I was conducting a Sales Management training follow-up discussion, one of the sales managers asked an interesting question. He said he was frustrated with one of his salespeople who tells some “very long stories” when explaining a sales situation. His question was, “How do I get him to stop?” He said, “I […]

Sales Funnel Velocity – Strategies for Unlocking Deals Stuck in the Pipeline

Sales funnel velocity is a top concern for sales organizations In a recent sales manager training, several managers were voicing their frustrations about the number of sales which seem to get ‘stuck’ or even ‘disappear’ in their salespeople’s pipelines. I would have to say that for most sales motivated organizations this is one of the […]

Lessons in Leadership: 3 Rules for Embracing Change

Change is a constant – embrace it Let’s review what we’ve discussed so far. First, we have 3 possible reactions to change. Second, we learned that change by itself is neither positive nor negative. And that you have the ability to be successful in the face of change. Once you know these principles, the next […]

Lessons in Leadership: The Surprising Truth About Change

We now know that change can come from many directions and that while there are three ways to respond to change, adapting is often the best reaction. But what if you don’t want to adapt? How can you change your mindset? Or help your sales team with their mindset? In this Lesson in Leadership, we […]

34 Self-Assessment Questions Every Sales Professional Should Ask

How to Develop Sales Skills, Knowledge, and Competencies with a Sales Effectiveness Self-Assessment Do you want to be a valued team member? An outstanding contributor in your company? Do you want to advance in your career? As a sales professional, you want to develop skills, competencies, and knowledge that will help you build a successful […]