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Lessons in Leadership: 5 Steps to Personal Transition When Faced With Change

As we discussed in the previous post, Working With Change, one of the greatest challenges sales managers face is helping their team in the midst of change. Sales managers may instinctively know that how the team reacts to change can create more difficulties than the change itself. To avoid negative results and help the sales […]

Frontline Sales Managers: 10 Ways to Go From Good To Great

During one of our recent Sales Management seminars I had an interesting conversation with a veteran sales manager. His comments revealed a sentiment shared by many managers. He said, “I think that I’m a great sales manager. At least other people seem to think so. But things have changed so much since I started doing […]

Sales Employee Retention: A Formula For Success

5 Steps For Retaining Sales Talent Retaining enough high potential sales talent to meet sales goals and grow business is one of the biggest concerns for sales managers. In many industries, expecting 20-40% annual sales attrition rates has become the status quo. And yet, some sales managers beat the odds and continue to retain long-term […]

Sales Funnel Velocity – Strategies for Unlocking Deals Stuck in the Pipeline

Sales funnel velocity is a top concern for sales organizations In a recent sales manager training, several managers were voicing their frustrations about the number of sales which seem to get ‘stuck’ or even ‘disappear’ in their salespeople’s pipelines. I would have to say that for most sales motivated organizations this is one of the […]

Lessons in Leadership: Choosing Priorities

Time is a limited resource for everyone in sales. Learning how to manage time, eliminate time wasting habits, and prioritize successfully is a valuable skill for both sales managers and their team. This Lesson in Leadership will help sales managers direct their team in uncovering time wasters and then in finding ways to minimize or […]

Lessons in Leadership: Developing Resources

As a sales manager, you may feel that you must have all the answers. Both managers and employees will benefit from developing resources. Resources help us answer questions and find solutions. Traditional information sources are one type of helpful resource. But we also find helpful sources of insight and feedback among co-workers and team members. […]

Creating Your Future: A Sales Coaching Message from Lessons in Leadership

Creating Your Future: A Sales Coaching Message from Lessons in Leadership Many management leaders in a wide range of industries have worked up through the ranks, often beginning as entry-level rookies. These leaders often achieved success in their fields and industries because of the career enhancement tactics that they followed on their way up the ladder. […]

Dare to Dream: Sales Management Development – Lessons in Leadership

To create a motivating work environment, successful sales management leaders encourage their team to meet quotas and achieve targets. Setting and achieving goals while staying motivated is most effective when everyone – leaders and team members – can connect their career goals to their dreams. And is a key aspect of sales training.  This first […]