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Lessons in Leadership: Creating Change

Sales managers in the middle of organizational or industry transitions are responsible for effectively guiding their teams during times of change. Since these types of changes are occurring more frequently in the current business environment, the pressure on sales managers has increased. This Lesson in Leadership examines obstacles to change and the corresponding fears that […]

Lessons in Leadership: 5 Steps to Personal Transition When Faced With Change

As we discussed in the previous post, Working With Change, one of the greatest challenges sales managers face is helping their team in the midst of change. Sales managers may instinctively know that how the team reacts to change can create more difficulties than the change itself. To avoid negative results and help the sales […]

Lessons in Leadership: 3 Rules for Embracing Change

Change is a constant – embrace it Let’s review what we’ve discussed so far. First, we have 3 possible reactions to change. Second, we learned that change by itself is neither positive nor negative. And that you have the ability to be successful in the face of change. Once you know these principles, the next […]

Lessons in Leadership: The Surprising Truth About Change

We now know that change can come from many directions and that while there are three ways to respond to change, adapting is often the best reaction. But what if you don’t want to adapt? How can you change your mindset? Or help your sales team with their mindset? In this Lesson in Leadership, we […]

Lessons in Leadership: Understanding Change

3 ways to respond when facing change Sales managers in today’s business environment must cope with change from every direction. Upper management initiates change to expand business, customers instigate change as they try to improve their business, team turnover creates change, and outside regulations can force unwanted changes. Sales managers have their own changes to […]

Lessons in Leadership: 3 Steps for Focusing Your Energy – Part 3 of 3

In our first two posts in this series, we discussed how energy levels can affect our ability to focus. We also reviewed the differences in our areas of Control, Influence, and No Control. Now we give you an easy to implement plan when facing these different situations. Here are 3 steps for focusing on your […]

Lessons in Leadership: Focusing Your Energy By Understanding What is Within Your Control – Part 2 of 3

In the previous post, Focusing Your Energy, we discussed how our energy levels can be affected by our attitude and by our actions. But how do we protect ourselves from negative energy drains? By understanding what is within our control and what is not. The Areas of Control There are certain things in your life […]

Lessons in Leadership: Focusing Your Energy – Part 1 of 3

In this three part series, we take a unique look at focusing your energy to accomplish your goals. As a sales manager, you may sometimes feel you have too many things to focus on. We have a helpful way to look at refocusing. First, let’s look at ways our energy level can be affected. On […]

Lessons in Leadership: Decisions That Pay

This Lesson in Leadership will help sales managers coach their team in making better decisions. Every day we are faced with choices at work. Each of the choices we make impacts our lives, productivity, and opportunities in some fashion. My decisions determine my destiny. All decisions have consequences. As managers, we’ve learned every decision we […]