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About The Program:

With over 40,000 graduates, Learning Outsource Group is a nationally recognized thought leader in sales management training and sales force optimization. Our customized, competency-based sales leadership training, combined with the power of introspection, world-class facilitation, best practices, and comprehensive resource toolkit, make this high-energy

experiential session a career development “must have” for sales management at all levels. This application-driven workshop redefines sales leadership and addresses the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to immediately increase effectiveness and achieve higher levels of success. In short, this sales management training has an immediate impact on business performance!

You will Learn How To:

  • Identify personal improvement opportunities aligned with the changing sales management role
  • Strengthen sales management process & leadership skills
  • Become increasingly more proactive in reactive environments
  • Build & sustain an elite performance management culture
  • Identify, manage, & coach to optimum sales metrics
  • Implement effective planning, tactical mapping & team communication strategies
  • Determine ‘high payoff’ priorities & improve related time management abilities
  • Enhance the sales employee effectiveness assessment & feedback process
  • Improve overall sales talent selection & retention
  • Leverage business analytics to speed specific sales competency development
  • Execute ‘funnel velocity’ sales coaching techniques & maximize each ‘deal lifecycle’ opportunity
  • Accelerate change and sales transformation initiatives
  • More consistently achieve / exceed sales goals & business plans
  • Develop more promotable employees
  • Improve personal motivation, job satisfaction, & stress reduction
Sales Management Training and Leadership Program

Who Should Attend:

  • Executives
  • Sales Vice Presidents
  • Sales Managers
  • Aspiring Sales Leaders

A Complete Sales Management Operating System!

Program Overview:

  • Awareness

    • Introduction-Agenda-Expectations
    • Redefining Sales Management Effectiveness
    • Proactive Management & Decision Dynamics Simulations
  • Return on Effort

    • Analyzing Today’s Complex Roles & Priorities
    • Common Time Wasters
    • Time Management Solutions & Best Practices
  • Recruiting And Selection

    • Identifying Hiring Criteria
    • Selection Process-Best Practices
    • Differentiating The Interview Environment
  • Performance Coaching

    • Goals-Talent Optimization Matrix
    • Sales Coaching Techniques & Situational Applications
    • Metrics-Assessments-Interaction-Case Studies
    • Comprehensive Sales Coaching Application Toolkit
  • Communication and Retention

    • Communication & Adult Learning Styles
    • Building & Sustaining A Motivational Environment & Success Culture
  • Action Mapping

    • Tactical Mapping Tool
    • Team Development Plan
    • Go-Forward Objectives and Commitments
  • Leadership

    • Define & Clarify Strengths
    • Identifying Overused Skills & Development Opportunities
    • Creating Go-Forward Commitment Strategies

Tools & Take-Aways For Maximizing ROI

  • Comprehensive Participant ‘Playbook’
  • Complete Sales Manager Field Application Toolkit
  • VIDEO Implementation Reinforcement Modules
  • Implementation Coaching ‘Hotline’ For One Full Year
  • Tactical Map Planning & Team Development Guide
  • SelectQuest Interview Guide
  • Sales Effectiveness Assessment & Coaching Guide
  • WebEx Reinforcement Meetings

3-Day Program Schedule

Upcoming Sales Management Training Seminars
  • Day 1 – 8:00am – 5:15pm
  • Day 2 – 8:00am – 5:00pm
  • Day 3 – 8:00am – 3:30pm

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