Planning for Success: Sales Development Part 1 – Lessons in Leadership

As a sales manager developing an elite sales team, you must convert vision to tangible goals, align objectives with longer term corporate strategy, and identify the processes and resources required to accelerate initiatives. One of the most effective tools for accomplishing these actions is the tactical map, which can be used by individuals or for the whole team. A tactical map is also a useful sales training tool.

This Lesson in Leadership discusses one of the benefits of creating a tactical map.

Many people want something. Fewer achieve their desired results. There is a formula for achieving results.

Vision + Planning + Competent Effort = Results

Most people have some idea of what they’d like their future to be. We’ve heard employees say things like, “Someday … I’d like to work on a team where everyone gets along.” Or, “Someday … I’d like to do work which excited me.” We’ve even heard, “Someday … I’d like to be a manager.” Continue reading…

Sales Strategy: Selling Differentiation Through Customer Centric Selling Skills

Sales Strategy: Selling Differentiation Through Customer Centric Selling Skills

More times than not these days, when a salesperson meets a customer for the first time, the customer appears to have preconceived ideas about the salesperson long before they ever get to really know them. And … they are not normally good perceptions. Have you ever wondered why this sometimes occurs when you meet new customers?

Fortunately, many customers’ negative perceptions of “salespeople” have nothing to do with you, your intentions toward them, or your personal selling style. The real reason this happens so frequently is because as human beings our perceptions are forged in our previous experiences. And many of the previous experiences that customers have endured with other salespeople have not been good ones.

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Creating Your Future: A Sales Coaching Message from Lessons in Leadership

Creating Your Future: A Sales Coaching Message from Lessons in Leadership

Many management leaders in a wide range of industries have worked up through the ranks, often beginning as entry-level rookies. These leaders often achieved success in their fields and industries because of the career enhancement tactics that they followed on their way up the ladder.

This Lesson in Leadership gives sales managers 10 career enhancement strategies so they can coach their team toward career success.

How many times have you thought about creating a plan? If you’re like many people you’ve probably thought about creating plans for some specific purpose and you may have even done some planning. Continue reading…

Dare to Dream: Sales Management Development – Lessons in Leadership

To create a motivating work environment, successful sales management leaders encourage their team to meet quotas and achieve targets. Setting and achieving goals while staying motivated is most effective when everyone – leaders and team members – can connect their career goals to their dreams. And is a key aspect of sales training.

 This first Lesson in Leadership addresses an important first step in staying motivated – identifying your dreams.

As you travel the road of life you may find this statement to be true.

A successful person will take responsibility for what needs to be done… and do it.

The challenge is many people are working very hard, attempting to do the right things, all the while losing sight of why they were willing to accept the responsibility in the first place. Continue reading…