Lessons in Leadership: 3 Rules for Embracing Change

sales management and 3 rules for embracing change

Change is a constant – embrace it

Let’s review what we’ve discussed so far. First, we have 3 possible reactions to change. Second, we learned that change by itself is neither positive nor negative. And that you have the ability to be successful in the face of change.

Once you know these principles, the next step is to eagerly embrace change and breakthrough toward a successful future.

If you want to enhance your response to change you can make any transition easier on yourself by following certain rules. Continue reading…

Lessons in Leadership: The Surprising Truth About Change

We now know that change can come from many directions and that while there are three ways to respond to change, adapting is often the best reaction. But what if you don’t want to adapt? How can you change your mindset? Or help your sales team with their mindset?

In this Lesson in Leadership, we examine a helpful way to think about change.

Change is just an event.

The simple truth is that change has no impact on any of us on its own. Change is just an event. It’s just another moment in your life you will most likely live through.

In order to give change power over you, you must attach an emotion to it. You decide for yourself how you feel about the change. You do this unconsciously. Most commonly, you attach an emotion to a change based on what you believe this change is going to mean to you. Continue reading…

Lessons in Leadership: Understanding Change

3 ways to respond when facing change

Sales managers in today’s business environment must cope with change from every direction. Upper management initiates change to expand business, customers instigate change as they try to improve their business, team turnover creates change, and outside regulations can force unwanted changes.

Sales managers have their own changes to deal with. At the same time, as they develop their sales team, they must help the team cope with change as well.

In this Lesson in Leadership, we look at three possible responses to change. how sales managers respond to change

Everything appears to be changing so quickly these days. So much so, it can be difficult to know which changes are good for us, which changes are not and, more importantly, who or what is to blame.

The only constant in the universe is change.

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34 Self-Assessment Questions Every Sales Professional Should Ask

How to Develop Sales Skills, Knowledge, and Competencies with a Sales Effectiveness Self-Assessment

sales effectiveness self-assessment questionsDo you want to be a valued team member? An outstanding contributor in your company?

Do you want to advance in your career?

As a sales professional, you want to develop skills, competencies, and knowledge that will help you build a successful and fulfilling sales career. But maybe no one has told you what those are. Stop waiting for your company or manager to train you. Take charge of your learning. Continue reading…

Do You Know the 10 Biggest Mistakes Sales Managers Make?

Do you spend too much time putting out fires?What are the 10 biggest mistakes sales managers make?

Are you pulled in every direction?

Do you expect improvement from your team but just aren’t getting it?

You may be making one or more of the 10 Biggest Mistakes Sales Managers Make. And aren’t aware of it.

It can be frustrating. It can hurt your effectiveness and hold back your team. It can even stunt your personal career growth.

It’s like dodging icebergs on the seas of change while greater obstacles float below the surface. Continue reading…

Lessons in Leadership: 3 Steps for Focusing Your Energy – Part 3 of 3

In our first two posts in this series, we discussed how energy levels can affect our ability to focus. We also reviewed the differences in our areas of Control, Influence, and No Control.

Now we give you an easy to implement plan when facing these different situations. Here are 3 steps for focusing on your goals.

There are some words of wisdom we’ve learned that can help anyone to be happier and more productive in the three areas of Control, Influence, and No Control.

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Lessons in Leadership: Focusing Your Energy By Understanding What is Within Your Control – Part 2 of 3

In the previous post, Focusing Your Energy, we discussed how our energy levels can be affected by our attitude and by our actions. But how do we protect ourselves from negative energy drains?

By understanding what is within our control and what is not.

The Areas of Control

There are certain things in your life you can control. Let’s consider your work life for a moment. Aren’t there choices you make for yourself and by yourself? Continue reading…

Lessons in Leadership: Focusing Your Energy – Part 1 of 3

In this three part series, we take a unique look at focusing your energy to accomplish your goals. As a sales manager, you may sometimes feel you have too many things to focus on. We have a helpful way to look at refocusing.

First, let’s look at ways our energy level can be affected.

On what do you spend your energy each day?

My ability to achieve is improved by the energy I’m willing to contribute to my objectives.

It’s been said many times, “We get out of a thing what we’re willing to put into it.” We believe this to be true. The important question to ask is, “Where am I spending my energy?” Continue reading…

Lessons in Leadership: Decisions That Pay

This Lesson in Leadership will help sales managers coach their team in making better decisions.

Every day we are faced with choices at work. Each of the choices we make impacts our lives, productivity, and opportunities in some fashion.

My decisions determine my destiny.

All decisions have consequences. As managers, we’ve learned every decision we make will either simplify or complicate our lives. If we make any decision without considering the long-term effects, the consequences we endure are often more taxing than the original decision situation.

Likewise, if you make decisions on the job which don’t reflect your #1 priority, you may also complicate your life and in turn diminish the satisfaction you might otherwise realize if you had maintained your focus on the bigger picture and the #1 priority.

It’s all up to me and the decisions I make. Continue reading…

Lessons in Leadership: Choosing Priorities

effective sales managers help prioritize and remove time wasting activitiesTime is a limited resource for everyone in sales. Learning how to manage time, eliminate time wasting habits, and prioritize successfully is a valuable skill for both sales managers and their team.

This Lesson in Leadership will help sales managers direct their team in uncovering time wasters and then in finding ways to minimize or eliminate them.

Everyone occasionally struggles with managing time these days. There seems to be so much to do and so little time to do it in. Continue reading…