Lessons in Leadership: Creating Change

Lessons in Leadership Creating ChangeSales managers in the middle of organizational or industry transitions are responsible for effectively guiding their teams during times of change. Since these types of changes are occurring more frequently in the current business environment, the pressure on sales managers has increased.

This Lesson in Leadership examines obstacles to change and the corresponding fears that people on your sales team may feel. A list of questions to help people work past their fear of change is provided. Continue reading…

Lessons in Leadership: 5 Steps to Personal Transition When Faced With Change

5 steps to personal transition when faced with changeAs we discussed in the previous post, Working With Change, one of the greatest challenges sales managers face is helping their team in the midst of change. Sales managers may instinctively know that how the team reacts to change can create more difficulties than the change itself.

To avoid negative results and help the sales team make the most of the change they face, sales managers can coach their salespeople through personal transition using the five steps below. Continue reading…

Sales Superiority: How Good Is Your Sales Force?

Sales Superiority - How Good Is Your Sales Force?As a coach for sales managers and executives in a variety of industries, I’ve fielded a diverse selection of questions. During a recent conversation with a Sales Vice President, he said, “I think that it is safe to say that sales superiority is a concern for every company.” Then he asked, “What is the best way to determine whether my sales force is doing what needs to be done and in the most productive way?” He went on to ask, “What is the best way to assess my sales force and create an improvement plan focused on sales superiority?” Continue reading…

Frontline Sales Managers: 10 Ways to Go From Good To Great

Frontline Sales Managers: 10 Ways to Go From Good To GreatDuring one of our recent Sales Management seminars I had an interesting conversation with a veteran sales manager. His comments revealed a sentiment shared by many managers. He said, “I think that I’m a great sales manager. At least other people seem to think so. But things have changed so much since I started doing the job, I’m not really sure how to determine whether I am a great sales manager or not. What should I do?” Continue reading…

Sales Employee Retention: A Formula For Success

5 Steps For Retaining Sales Talent

Retaining enough high potential sales talent to meet sales goals and grow business is one of the biggest concerns for sales managers.

Sales Employee Retention: A Formula For SuccessIn many industries, expecting 20-40% annual sales attrition rates has become the status quo. And yet, some sales managers beat the odds and continue to retain long-term high-producing sales talent.

In one of our recent sales manager training classes this point was again illuminated by a sales manager who asked, “What is the secret for retaining salespeople?” She went on to explain that her frustrations stemmed from the amount of time she spends recruiting, selecting, onboarding, and coaching new hires. “My team and I could sell a lot more if I didn’t have to spend so much time on these repetitive activities,” she said. Continue reading…

The SELLING Sales Manager: Executing Proven Success

being a selling sales manager is challengingI received a phone call for help last week from a new selling sales manager. She told me how happy she was initially to get what she thought was a promotion from ‘strictly selling’ to the role of Selling Sales Manager. The conversation quickly turned to the concerns she had and the struggles she was encountering in her new role.

According to sales managers and leaders in our sales management training classes, the role of wearing two hats, both sales professional and sales manager, has become a more common option for small to mid-size businesses. Continue reading…

Building and Coaching An Elite High-Performance Sales Team: Where Does It Start?

building an elite high performance sales teamI was reminded this week while facilitating a Sales Management Training course for one of our Fortune 500 clients that even after 20 years of change in business and sales management, some things have remained the same.

During one of the discussions, the members of a sales manager work group said, “We all want to build a highly productive, motivated, and synergized team. But all of our teams are in different conditions, so where do we start?” Continue reading…

Sales Coaching: The Need For A Consistent Coaching Approach

Last week when I was conducting a Sales Management training follow-up discussion, one of the sales managers asked an interesting question. He said he was frustrated with one of his salespeople who tells some “very long stories” when explaining a sales situation.

His question was, “How do I get him to stop?” He said, “I want to help him with his sale, but it takes me three times as long to coach him as it does some of the others on my team!”

The truth is, this is only one of several very prevalent sales coaching challenges negatively affecting the productivity of sales managers today.

According to sales managers in our sales management training programs there are 6 prevalent coaching issues.

Continue reading…